The create and edit assignment experience underwent a re-design to increase efficiency for instructors using the assignment tool, incorporating a more immersive page layout - no more tabs!  Below are details on the new layout.

New assignment creation and edit overview
New Create & Edit Assignment Experience Layout
  1. Assignment Name Panel
    • Updated name of the assignment displays in this panel once saved.
    • Back to Manage Assignments returns the user back to the Assignments tool.
  2. Primary Panel
    • The primary panel on the left contains frequently used fields that are always displayed. These fields are most relevant to learners and include the core details instructors want to add:
      • Assignment Name
      • Score Out Of
        • Graded* or Ungraded
      • Due date
      • Instructions
      • Attachments
    • *When you enter a point value, a new grade item will be created (after the assignment is saved), and the assignment name and score are automatically synched to the grade item for you. You can also select existing grades and categories, if you usually create grade items in advance. 
    • Added attachments appear as embedded links, which provide a preview of the attachments.
  3. Additional Settings Panel
    • The additional settings panel on the right organizes additional, more advanced options such as:
      • Availability Dates & Conditions
        Availability dates & conditions panel expanded
        • Start Date
        • End Date
        • Release Conditions
        • Special Access
      • Submissions & Completion
        Submission & completion panel expanded
        • Assignment Type (Individual or Group)
        • Submission Type
        • Category
        • Files Allowed Per Submission
        • Submissions
        • Notification Email
      • Evaluation & Feedback
        Evaluation & Feedback panel expanded
        • Rubrics
        • Learning Objectives
        • Annotation Tools
        • Turnitin Integration
    • When these options are collapsed, summary text provides details about which settings are active and subtle hints that aid in the discovery of additional settings. As a result, you can see everything at a glance with little to no scrolling, and without having to navigate through any tabs.
  4. Save, Cancel, and Visibility Panel
    • The standard functionality to save or cancel the assignment creation/edit is still available.
    • The Visibility option is now available in this panel.
      • Selecting this option toggles whether students can see the assignment or not in their assignment tool.