The assignment evaluation experience underwent a re-design to increase workflow efficiency for instructors.  Below are details on the new layout.

New assignment evaluation overview
New Assignment Evaluation Experience Layout
  1. Top Navigation
    • The familiar navigation bar will remain the same.
  2. Learner Context Bar
    • Previously located at the top of the right-hand panel, it is now moved to a location above the submission display area, so it is easier to see and reference during evaluation.
    • A new student profile card component is available when hovering your mouse over the student picture/name. Links to email and user progress can be accessed from this profile card.
      Student Timothy McGee profile card
    • For Group Assignments the group name will appear instead of the individual student name.  Finding the members of the group will be available from a drop-down menu under the group's name.
  3. Submission File Picker
    • For multi-file projects Evaluators can quickly select and view other files submitted by a learner without having to go back to the learner submission list.
    • Evaluators can now select files to view from multiple submissions from a single student.
      User Submission selector
  4. Learner Submission List
    • Files are now grouped by submission with each submission displaying comments, files, indicators to show lateness, flags, and evaluation status. 
    • Evaluators can now see more files on the screen at once, while making it easier to find unevaluated submissions or files that need their attention.
    • If the learner makes one submission with only one file then the Learner Submission List is replaced with the Document Preview view.
  5. Inline Rubric Component
    • Instead of always opening in another window or dialog, it now expands down the evaluation panel, allowing the evaluator to see both the rubric and the submission at the same time. 
    • If desired the Rubric can still be popped-out into its own window.
      Inline rubric component expanded
  6. Draggable Divider
    • Now easier to resize your panels to suit individual needs.
    • Resized panels will remain as you iterate through your learner's submissions.