The Microsoft Teams - Assignment folders only support a direct attachment of 500mb or less file size. To attach a greater file size, you will need to use Microsoft OneDrive.

To start, go to and Sign in with your BU Email address. Then click the grid ("waffle") icon to access OneDrive:

Next, upload a file of any size from your computer to your OneDrive.

(1) Click Upload

(2) Click Files and browse to your file.

(3) Once the file has uploaded, check the box next to the file name

(4) Click the Copy Link button

(5) Click Copy

You will see a confirmation that the link has been copied.

From Teams:

(6) Click Attach

(7) Click Link

(8) Paste the link and give the video a title.

(9) Click Attach.

(10) Click "Turn in"

Be sure you have a confirmation date & time. Your file is now submitted.

For Instructors: