Due to changing recommendations for best practices in the classroom at Commonwealth University, and with an eye toward inclusion, IMD is NOT supporting physical clicker devices beginning in the Fall of 2023.

What this means:

  • TurningPoint receivers will be removed from IMPS in classrooms.
  • Physical clicker devices will not be sold in the University bookstore.
  • Instructors using TurningPoint can use TurningPoint web and allow students to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). This will allow all students, regardless of location, to take part in polling.

Recommendation for Replacement

  • To discuss alternatives for interactivity and polling reach out to us at imdc@commonwealthu.edu for suggestions and recommendations for your unique situation.
    • We recommend using TurningPoint web and allowing students to use their own devices to access polling.
    • In Zoom there are polls available for multiple choice and simple questions.
    • There are other options for interactivity in class and online that we can discuss with you.
  • Faculty who use clickers for testing should use our LMS platform Brightspace to replace testing protocols.
    • Students would need to bring a device to exam periods. We recommend a laptop with wireless internet access.
    • In Brightspace, quizzes can be set up with a variety of security measures. We can discuss with you if needed.