No student data was migrated to CU Brightspace.

As indicated in all messaging that went out about the CU Brightspace migration, student data such as assignment documents and grades were NOT migrated to the new system. D2L does not migrate this user data

The data is still on the old school specific sites which admins have access to. Our contractual agreement with D2L is that instructors will carry on business in the new Brightspace, leaving traffic in the old sites minimal to nonexistent. The only faculty with access to old Brightspace are a handful of faculty who are managing Incompletes for students needing to finish courses out from Spring.

Requesting Information From Old D2L Sites

Here is what CATS can provide from the old sites:

  • Information for Title IV requests from Registrar/Fin Aid
  • Information for grade challenges/investigations
  • Access for the student and instructor to finish a course (incompletes)
  • Access for accreditation professionals seeking data/info for accreditation
  • Specific documents by specific authors with provided course location (ex: student xyz submitted a final report in my CATS 151-02 course that I need for ex. reason/my syllabus from CATS 101-99 that I uploaded to Content)

Specific requests as above can be directed to 

Finishing Incompletes

If your student needs to finish coursework for an Incomplete, please reach out to us at and include the following information:

  • The name/code of the course they need to complete
  • The name of the student
  • Which school this is for

We will then be in touch with special access information for you and the student, to finish out their course in the site where their previous coursework exists.

Please note this is for Incompletes for the 22-23 AY only.