Once you login to BOLT, the My Home page will load. This page can be returned to at any time by clicking on the BOLT Logo or the home icon at the top left of the page.

Parts of the My Home Page

Your My Home page is where you can access all aspects of BOLT and a number of online resources for Bloomsburg University students. Each part of the page has a specific function. 

  • The top of the page is called the minibar and stays at the top of the page no matter what course you access in BOLT. Use the minibar to access the My Home page, select a course list, alerts, and personal settings. 
  • The second navigation area in BOLT is called the navbar. The navbar menu contains links for University Resources, Help, and other tools available in BOLT. 
  • The My Courses widget contains links to your courses. 
  • The Important News widget is where you can find important updates about BOLT. 
  • The Need Help? widget has links to live chat and email support and a support portal.

Step by step: http://departments.bloomu.edu/imdc/Docs/BOLT/student/2017/BOLTBasics/BOLT_student_nav.pdf