To add or change a profile picture, click on your name or picture at the top of the page in BOLT, then click Profile, then click Change Picture.

  1. Log onto BOLT.
  2. On the mini-bar at the top of the page, click on your name.
  3. Select Profile.
    Expanded user menu with Profile option highlighted
  4. To change your profile picture, click the Change Picture button.
    NOTE: You should resize your image before uploading as it may be too large for the picture box.
    Edit my user profile page with the Change Picture button highlighted
  5. Make sure that My Computer is selected in the left-hand column.
    Select a profile picture screen with options My Computer or My Locker.
  6. Click the Upload button to browse to the picture you want to use, or drag and drop the file in the box marked.
  7. Click Add when the profile picture has uploaded.
    Select a profile picture modal window with option to drop file here, or click below to add file
  8. Click Save and Close to save your profile picture update.
    Edit my user profile page with chosen picture displayed and Save and Close button highlighted.