You can set up or modify the notifications you get in or from BOLT. To access the Notifications settings page, click your name or picture at the top of the page in BOLT, then click Notifications.


  1. On the mini-bar at the top of your My Home page in BOLT, click the drop-down arrow next to your name.
  2. Click Notifications.
    Expanded user menu with Notifications option highlighted
  3. To change the email address used to receive notifications, under Contact Methods click Change your email settings.
    Contact Methods with options to change your email setting, selected, or register yoru mobile.
  4. A pop-up similar to one below will appear. Select which email address to use, then click Save.
    Email settings modal window with optoin to select system email or custom email.  Select which email you want to use for notifications.NOTE: Changing your email address only changes where notifications are sent. You should still check your BU email for Assignment submission receipts and emails from your instructors.
  5. To change the mobile number used to receive notifications, under Contact Methods click Register Your Mobile.
    Contact Methods with options to change your email setting or register yoru mobile, selected.
  6. A pop-up similar to the one below will appear.
    1. Select your Country
    2. Select your Mobile Carrier
    3. Enter your Mobile Number
    4. Click the Save button
      Resgister your mobile modal window with the following required fields: Country, Mobile Carrier, and Mobile Number.
  7. Select how often you would like to receive a Summary of Activity from your courses.
    Summary of Activity with frequency options of Never or Daily.
  8. To receive Instant Notifications for certain events in BOLT,
    1. Select how to receive notifications for each type desired
      Instant Notification settings that a user can opt into/out of.
    2. Customize Notifications
      Customize Notifications options
    3. Exclude Some Courses
      Exclude Som Courses option with ability to manage course exclusions.
      1. Click Manage my course exclusions
        Manage Course Exclusion overview
        1. Click the Exclude All Courses button to exclude all courses from sending you notifications
        2. Click on the x’s beside each course you want to exclude from sending you notifications
        3. Click Restore excluded courses to un-exclude any courses you may want to receive notifications from
        4. Click the Close button when you are finished
    4. Click the Save button
      Exclude Some Courses after selecting coures to exclude and Save button is clicked.