To access your course, click on a course in the My Courses widget or click on the name of the course in the Select a course list.

The Course Homepage

Once you access a course, you will land on the course homepage. There are many different parts to the course homepage which will help you navigate in BOLT and your course. 

Navigating the Course Homepage

The minibar at the top of the page lets you access the BOLT My Home page, select a course list, messages, alerts, and personal settings. The nav bar in a course lets you access course content, Assessments tools, Communication tools, course Resources, and Help resources. Instructors' announcements are available on the course homepage. The Updates widget lets you know important information about course work at a glance. The calendar lets you view important dates like due dates. The Content Browser provides quick access to course content from the course homepage. 

Course Content

If you click Content in the navbar, you will access the Content area of the course. Content will load with navigation in the left panel and content viewable on the right in the viewing area.

Navigating Course Content

Modules will display in the left navigation panel. Click on Table of Contents to display all modules, submodules, and content topics in the right-side viewing area. Click on a module name in the left navigation panel to display all the submodules within the module and all the module content within the viewing area. You can also use the Search Topics box in the left navigation panel to search for keywords. 

Step by step: