How to Navigate Your BOLT Courses


  1. Select a Course from the My Courses widget or click on the name of the course in the Select a course list.
    Course tiles displayed from the My Courses widget.
  2. The course homepage will load.
    Course homepage.
  3. Use different parts of the course homepage to navigate in BOLT and your course.
    Course home page with 7 key areas defined with labels A through F in the followign order, Mini-bar, Nav bar, Announcments, Updates, Calendar, & Content Browser.
    1. Mini-bar: Use the mini-bar to access the BOLT homepage, the course selector, messages, update and subscription alerts, and your personal settings.
      Mini-Bar with 7 key areas defined with labels one through seven in the followign order, My Home, Course Name, Select a Coures Grid, Message Alerts, Subscription Alerts, Update Alerts, & User Settings.
      1. Click the My Home icon to return to the BOLT My Home page.
      2. Click the name of the course to return to the course home page.
      3. Click the Select a course grid icon to navigate to other courses.
      4. Click the envelope icon to see message notifications.
      5. Click the speech bubble icon to see subscription alerts.
      6. Click the bell icon to see update alerts.
      7. Click on your name to access your settings.
    2. Nav bar: Use the Nav bar to access Content, Course Resources, Coursework, Learning Tools, and Bloomsburg Student Resources.
      Nav bar displaying the following options: Content, Assessments, Communication, Resources, & Help.
      1. Click Content to access course content.
      2. Click Assessments to access Assignments, Class Progress, Grades, and Quizzes.
      3. Click Communication to access Announcements, Chat, Classlist, Discussions, Groups, and Virtual Classroom.
      4. Click Resources to access BU Library, Calendar, Checklist, ePortfolio, Locker, and Surveys.
      5. Click Help to access additional student resources outside of BOLT.
    3. Announcements: View instructors’ announcements here.
    4. Updates: View the course’s updates here.
    5. Calendar: View important dates like due dates. You can click the arrows to expand or collapse the Calendar panel and the Upcoming events panel.
      Calendar view displaying the days of the week for July 2017 and  with expand arrows highlighted and Calendar panel marked as A and the Upcoming events marked as B.  The following text is calledout "Click on the arrows to expand or collapse the Calendar panel (a) and hte Upcoming events panel (b).
    6. Content Browser: View course content. You can access content via the Content Browser in three ways.
      1. You can click on a module name. This will load links to the module’s content in the Content Browser.
        Content Browser section displaying a list of modules with the first module highlighted.
      2. You can click the dropdown arrow and then click Go to Content.
        Content Browser section with an expanded menu from clicking on the down carrot next to the Content Browswer title.  Go to Content and Collapse this widget are displayed on the menu.
      3. You can click Bookmarks to access your bookmarked content items or Recently Visited to access content items you recently viewed.
        Content Browser section with Bookmarks and Recently Visited items highlighted.
    7. BOLT Support Widget: Use the BOLT Support widget to get technical assistance in BOLT.

Navigating Course Content

  1. Click on Content in the Nav bar.
    Content menu item from Nav bar.
  2. Course content will load with navigation in the left navigation panel and content viewable on the right in the viewing area. The modules in the left navigation panel are how the course content is organized.
    Course Content view with moudle names displayed in the left navigation panel and content view in the right panel.
  3. Click on Table of Contents to display all modules, submodules, and content topics in the viewing area
    Note: You can click on Table of Contents at any time to see all modules and topics!
  4. Click on a module name in the left navigation panel to display all the sub-modules within the module and all the module content within the viewing area

Completing a Search

  1. In the Search Topics box, type in a keyword to search and
  2. Press ‘Enter’ on your keyboard to search.
  3. Search Results appear on the right side viewing area. Click on a topic to view it.
    Course Content with search field in left navigation panel and search results populated in the content view panel.