Content is where all online course materials such as links, documents, and other items are posted for students to view, access, and complete.

Overview of Content


Content is a versatile area of BOLT where you can access course content, materials, and even links to activities. The interface has a lot of options available to students.

You can use the left hand navigation panel to navigate course content, or use the search box to search for specific course content. You can use the bookmarks feature to browse anything you have bookmarked in the course. The course schedule is available so you are aware of important dates within the course. 

In content you will also see indicators in the viewing area when you complete topics or if you have topics left to review.

In a course, in Content, the page will look similar to this:

BOLT course content overview.

BOLT Course Content Overview Key
ANavigation panelUse to navigate the course content
BSearchSearch for content in course
CBookmarksClick to browse your course bookmarks
DBookmarked topicsShows number of bookmarks you’ve saved
ECourse ScheduleLinks to the course’s scheduled activities
FActivitiesShows number of activities in the schedule; red if overdue
GTable of ContentsClick to browse all modules and content
HTopics RemainingShows number of topics yet to be completed
IModule namesClick to display module content
JGreen checkmarkDisplays when all tasks are completed
KPrintClick to print page when available
LDownload & Binder buttonClick to download or send course content to Binder
MProgress barMeasures course content completed
NViewing areaWhere course content displays
OContent topicClick to view
PTopic context menuAccess to view topic, send it to Binder, or download it
QContent topic iconsShows what type of file each topic is
RGrey checkmarkDisplays beside completed topics
SGrey dotDisplays beside uncompleted topics
TTopics RemainingShows number of topics to be completed inside submodules

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Content How-to...


...view all modules and topics

Click Table of Contents in the left navigation panel

Table of contents highlighted in the left navigation panel.

...view a list of topics in the module

Click the module name in the left navigation panel

Becoming a SHIELD module topic highlighted on the left navigatoin panel and the list of topics displayed in the viewing area.

...view a topic

Click the topic name in the viewing area the topic

While viewing a topic, click the download button

Download topic button.

...bookmark the topic

While viewing a topic, click the bookmark icon

Example of bookmark icon functionality with text overlayed: Click to add, click again to remove.

...listen to the topic

While viewing a topic, click the listen button or the Open with docReader button

Listen and docReader buttons.

...return to the module from the topic

Click the module name in the breadcrumb trail

Breadcrumb trail navigation.

...view Bookmarks and Course Schedule

Click Bookmarks or Course Schedule in the left navigation panel

Bookmarks and Course Schedule items in the left navigatoin panel.

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