Video: Create a Thread

If you need to start your own discussion thread, you can do this in the discussion topic.

  1. Click Communication.
  2. Select Discussions.
    BOLT course home page with communication menu item expanded and Discussion is highlighted.
  3. Click the name of the Topic you would like to create a thread in.
    Discussion list displaying S.H.I.E.L.D Test and Classroom Conversatoin discussions listed.  Classroom Conversatoin discussion contains a topic named Introduction.
  4. Click Start a New Thread.

    The discussion topic Introductions is open and displaying a "Start a New Thread" button..
  5. Create thread and post it.
    1. Enter a title
    2. Enter the opening post’s content 
    3. Click Post or Save as Draft 
      A new thread authoring screen displaying text fields for the thread title, content, option to subscribe to thread, option to add attachments, and Options to Post, Save as Draft, or Cancel.