Video: Subscribe to Discussions

You can subscribe to particular forums, topics, or threads in the Discussions tool.

  1. Click Communication and select Discussions.

    Communication menu item expanded showing list of options with Disucssion highlighted.
  2. Click Subscribe 
    1. on the drop down menu of a Forum or Topic, OR...

      Classroom Conversatoin forum with drop down menu expanded and options Hide Topics and Subscribe.  Subscribe is selected.List of Topics within a forum where a forum topic drop down is expanded displaying View Topic, View Topic in Gride View, and Subscribe.  Subscribe is selected.
    2. ...under the Topic or Thread name in View Topic view

      View Topic within a discussion forum, displaying a list of topics with the optoin to subscribe to the topic or thread.
  3. Select the option you prefer and click Subscribe.

    Customize Notificatoins window with serveral options to choose.  An email address is displayed where notifications will be sent.
  4. Check to make sure you successfully subscribed to the forum, topic, or thread.  The stars will have a solid fill.

    A forum topic and list of threads with a solid filled subscribed star icon.  A note is called out to Check for gray stars to see if you successfully subscribed.