Video: Using the Chat Tool

You can use the chat tool in your course to have text-based chats with students or instructors.

If you are having a synchronous class, you may be using another tool such as Zoom. Make sure you know which tool you are supposed to be using to meet with classmates or your instructor.

If you are using the chat tool, you can find it in the Communication menu in your course.

  1. In your course, click Communication, then select Chat.
    Communication menu expanded with Chat selected
  2. Click on the title of the chat to join.
    Chat page displaying list of chat areas
  3. The Chat window will look something like this:
    Chat window displaying the participants in chat, the discussion between participants, area to input text and send message, and an option to exit chat.
  4. To view sessions: Select the dropdown arrow next to the chat name, then select View Sessions.
    Chat action menu displaying options to Enter Chat, Edit, View Members, View Sessions, and delete.  View Sessions is selected.
  5. Click on a start date to view past chat sessions.
    Chat session page with a list of session start date, end date, duration, and number of messages for each session.

  6. The Chat Session window will look something like this:
    Chat session details displaying the chat title, session information, and chat text between participants.