Access Zoom Meetings

Zoom is an online meeting tool your instructor may use to conduct online classes or meetings with you. There are multiple ways instructors can share meeting details with you. Please refer to your instructor's syllabus and course for information on how to access your class' Zoom meetings.

There are several options for accessing Zoom in BOLT:

OPTION 1: Via the Zoom Pro Dashboard in the course in BOLT

  1. In your course, click Communication.
  2. Click Zoom Pro.
  3. In the Zoom Pro dashboard, you will first see a listing of all your upcoming course meetings.
  4. At the right of each meeting there are Join and Invitation buttons.
  5. Click the Join button to join the meeting.

OPTION 2: Through Content area located within course in BOLT

  1. Within Content, click on the module (under Table of Contents) with the link to Zoom.
  2. Click the link to Zoom. (This can be named whatever your instructor decides to name it.)
  3. Instructors may also provide additional details about the Zoom meeting.
    Content area with Virtrual office hours highlighted and displayed is a link to a Zoom meeting.

Your professor may provide a Zoom meeting link via email or in their syllabus. Just click the link when you want to join their meeting.  All Zoom meeting links start with and end with a set of numbers specific to each meeting.


You will get a message requiring you to sign in as an authorized. Click Sign in to Join.

Once you do this you will need to click the Sign In with SSO button on the resulting login page.

This will cause a screen to appear that requests a domain. You should enter ‘bloomu’ in the field for the domain. NOTE: do not add ‘.edu’ to ‘bloomu’- the domain is ONLY ‘bloomu’. Then click Continue.

This triggers our SSO page. You should then enter your BU credentials as usual for all our SSO systems:

Once you do this, you should be able to launch the Zoom app or be taken directly to the meeting.