Taking a Quiz


Step by step

NOTE: Close other programs prior to beginning the quiz. If you encounter technical issues during a quiz, please contact BOLT Support immediately.

  1. Click Assessments and select Quizzes.
    Course homepage and Assessments in Navbar is selected and an additional menu is open with the optoin Quizzes clicked on.
  2. Click the name of the quiz you need to take.
    List of quizzes with Defensive Tactics Quiz link clicked on.
  3. A summary page of important information about the quiz will load. Please be sure to note any time restrictions for the quiz. After reviewing, click Start Quiz!
    A confirmation window will appear, select OK.
    Quiz start confirmation screen.
  4. While you are taking the quiz be sure to:
    1. Click Save after you answer each question
    2. Watch the amount of time you have left
    3.  When finished with the entire quiz, click Save All Responses.
    4. Click Go To Submit Quiz
      Open quiz page with the following areas called out: 1. question save button, 2. timer, 3. save all responses button, and 4. go to submit quiz button.
  5. Click ‘Submit Quiz’ for the first confirmation and ‘Yes, Submit quiz’ on the second.
    Quiz submission confirmatoin screen with Submit Quiz button highlighted.
    Quiz submission confirmation screen with option Yes, submit quiz highlighted.
  6. Once the quiz is submitted click Done. If your instructor sets the quiz to be graded automatically, your score will be on the right.
    Quiz submissions screen displaying attempt number with date and score displayed.