What is Respondus LockDown Browser?

Respondus LockDown Browser is a browser that locks students into the quiz environment during a quiz. Students can't access other software during a quiz with LockDown Browser. Instructors can also choose to apply Respondus Monitor which records students taking quizzes via webcam.

Hardware compatibility: LockDown Browser works on Windows-based machines and Macs. If your instructor allows it, it also works on iPads. Respondus LockDown Browser does not work on Android devices or PCs with Windows 10 in S mode.



Respondus LockDown browser interface highlighting the following in order 1, modified toolbar, 2, assessment mode, 3, disable controls, 4, links, and 5, blocked features and apps.

  1. Modified Toolbar: the condensed toolbar includes only Forward, Backward, Refresh and Stop
  2. Assessment Mode: assessments shown full screen and can’t be minimized, resized, or exited until submitted for grading
  3. Disabled Controls: all printing, keystroke combinations, screen grab, function keys, and right-click menus are disabled
  4. Links: links to other web servers do not work
  5. Blocked Features & Apps: the Start button (Windows), system tray, and menu bars are removed