Most instructors will use clickers for graded activities and assessments in class. 

To allow instructors to see your participation and grades, you need to have/do three things: 

  1. Register for a Turning Account via BOLT
  2. Register your device in your Turning Account
  3. Have a valid subscription

How is this different from before? Previously you just needed to have a clicker and had to just register the device ID. Now you will need to obtain a subscription in addition to the device ID. You will need to register both the device ID and subscription code with your Turning Account.


What is my Turning Account? Everyone using clickers needs to create a 'Turning Account' in order to use clickers in the classrooms. Both students and instructors will need to have Turning Accounts.


How can I create my Turning Account? You MUST create your Turning Account via the link in BOLT. It is available in the 'Student Clicker Registration' widget, or as a link in the University Resources menu.

Where can I purchase a clicker/device and subscription? You can purchase them online or at the bookstore. The bundles come with a subscription code, or you can purchase a subscription online in the Turning Account dashboard.

What if I am a new student or an existing student who needs to purchase a clicker for the first time? You will need to purchase a clicker AND a subscription code. They are sold as a bundle both online or at the bookstore. The best value purchase option for new students is to buy the 5 year bundle. 


Do I need a bundle if I already have a device/clicker? No, you can just purchase a subscription. Use the Clicker Registration link in BOLT and then click the 'Purchase Subscription' button.

If you need to create an account, register and subscribe, watch this video: