What is my Turning Account? The software we use for clickers is provided by a company named Turning Technologies. They recently moved everything to the 'cloud' and this requires everyone to create a 'Turning Account' in order to use clickers in the classrooms. Both students and instructors will need to have Turning Accounts. 

How can I create my Turning Account? You MUST create your Turning Account via the link in BOLT. It is available in the 'Student Clicker Registration' widget, or as a link in the University Resources menu.

If you need to create an account, register and subscribe, watch this video:

If you need to register a clicker and buy a subscription, see http://departments.bloomu.edu/imdc/Docs/TurningPoint/2017/TPCloudStudent_AccountCreation.pdf

If you already have a subscription but need to register a new clicker, see http://departments.bloomu.edu/imdc/Docs/TurningPoint/2017/TPCloudStudent_ClickerRegOnly.pdf