Submit a File

  1. In your course, click Assessments.
  2. Select Assignments.
    Assessments menu expanded with Assignments selected.
  3. Click on the name of the assignment to submit to.
  4. Click Add a File.
    Submit Files dialog box with Add a File option selected.
  5. Find and add the file you want to submit.
    Add a File menu with options: My Computer, My Locker, Group Locker, and ePortfolio.Add a file menu where students can drag and drop files into the upload box or click Upload to browser for files.
  6. Click Add. Verify the file was added.
  7. Add any comments for your instructor in the Comments field.
  8. Click Submit.
    Submit Files screen displaying one file to submit along with the comment field highlighted.Note: If you use Pages on Mac, please convert your file to .docx or .pdf format before submitting your file.
  9. File upload results will display. Click Done, View History, or Upload More Files.
    File Upload Results screen dispalying upload details inclduing link to submitted file, comments, submission folder, date, upload by, total file size, email status and buttons to indicate either Done, View History, or Upload More Files.TIP: You should receive a submission receipt in your BU email from info@bolt.bloomu.eduIf you do not see this receipt in your Inbox, check your Clutter folder. The receipt verifies your file was submitted in BOLT