If you need to submit a Video Assignment, you will do this in the Content tool. Unlike the regular Assignments tool, instructors link to Video Assignments in Content.

How to Submit a Video Assignment

  1. In your course, click Content.
  2. Click the module name where the Video Assignment link was posted by your instructor.
  3. Click on the Video Assignment link.
    click Content, click the name of the module, click the name of the video assignment
  4. Read the directions and/or watch your instructor's overview video.
  5. Select a method to add your video submission.
    read instructions and watch your instructor's overview video, then choose a method to add your video submissionSelect video: Upload a file you have on your device.
    Record video: Record a video with your device's camera.
    Transfer: Transfer a video from Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive (please note you will need to login to the service to be able to do this)
    Import from Library: Use a video you have already added to your Library for another Video Assignment in other courses if applicable
  6. Once you have added a video, you will see that your video is processing.
    a message will say Your video file is now processing, please reload or return in 5 to 15 minutes to review your processed video
  7. Once your video processes,  you can play it back, delete it, or add slides, a transcript, or captions.
    Video submission playback with buttons to upload a transcript or captions, add and remove slides, and a link to delete the video if you want to submit a different one