If you need to submit a Video Assignment, you will do this in the Content tool. Unlike the regular Assignments tool, instructors link to Video Assignments in Content.

If you need to record a presentation with slides, please see the Bongo tutorial on how to Record a Powerpoint.

How to Submit a Video Assignment

  1. In your course, click Content.
  2. Click the module name where the Video Assignment link was posted by your instructor.
  3. Click on the Video Assignment link.
    screenshot with cursor over Content, module name, and assignment link indicating to click these in sequence
  4. Read the directions and/or watch your instructor's overview video.
  5. As directed in the Work in Progress box, click the plus icon button at the bottom right to get started. This will open a menu.
    highlighted instructions box and Work in Progress box with cursor over plus icon, video icon, and file icon
  6. Add your video.
    1. Record a video right inside the Bongo Video Assignments tool.
    2. Upload a video from your device, Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive.
  7. Add files or links.
  8. Once you have added video(s), you will see video(s) processing. Videos need to process before you can submit.
  9. Once you have added or combined all your processed videos and files, you will need to mark them as ready. Click the menu icon beside each item then select "Mark as Ready".
    cursor over the item menu and the Mark as Ready option
  10. Once you do this you can click Submit Assignment.
    cursor over submit assignment button

You can only submit one video file, so you may need to combine video files before you can submit.