Your instructor may allow you to review and comment on your classmates' videos in the Video Assignments tool. If this is the case, you can access your classmates' videos within the Video Assignment on the Evaluate tab.

Peer Review Video Submissions in Video Assignments

  1. In the course, click Content.
  2. Click the module where your instructor added the Video Assignment link.
  3. Click the Video Assignment link.
    in your course click Content, the module, and the name of the Video Assignment
  4. Click the Evaluation tab.
    in the Video Assignment click the Evaluation tab
  5. Scroll down and below your own submission classmates names will be listed with links to their submissions.
  6. Click the video icon to review your classmates' submissions.
    scroll down below your own submission and click on a student's video icon to view their submission
  7. Watch the video. To add any comments, click the Add Comment button.
    play your classmate's submission and click Add Comment to add any comments during the video
  8. Add your comment, then click Submit.
    enter your comment and click Submit
  9. Your comment will show up in the Sync Comments box. You can also give the video a rating if your instructor has enabled this option.
    Comments will display in the SyncComments box and you can rate the video if your instructor enabled the ratings option