Once you have feedback for a Video Assignment submission, you can view this on the Evaluation tab of the Video Assignment.

Review Feedback in a Video Assignment Submission

  1. In your course click Content.
  2. Click the module where your instructor posted the link to the Video Assignment.
  3. Click the name of the Video Assignment.
    in your course click Content, click the module name, and click on the name of the Video Assignment
  4. Click the Evaluation tab.
    in the Video Assignment, click the Evaluation tab
  5. Scroll down and your grade, rating, and educator feedback will display above your submission. If your instructor left video feedback, you can click on the link to view any feedback video(s) they left for you.
  6. If anyone left SyncComments, these will display during video playback in the SyncComments box.
    grade, student ratings, text and video feedback appear above your submission and any comments left appear during video playback