If you need to add a link to ePortfolio in an assignment that has a text box, you can do this using the Quicklink option in the menu of the text area.

First, you will need to share the item in ePortfolio to your instructor or class. Instructions on how to do this are at https://documentation.brightspace.com/EN/eportfolio/-/learner/share_ep_items_with_internal_users.htm

Once you share your item, you can:

  1. In the assignment, click the Quicklink icon.
  2. Click ePortfolio Item.
    text submission area of assignment with quicklink icon highlighted to click on it and ePortfolio Item highlighted indicating to click on it in the Insert Quicklink menu
  3. Click Shared Items.
    ePortfolio Items menu with shared items highlighted to indicate selecting it
  4. Select your shared item to add a quicklink to it.