You can grade students’ submissions in the Assignments tool.

If you want to use a rubric, please see How can I use rubrics in assignments to evaluate student submissions?.

To grade submissions in the Assignments tool,

  1. Click the assignment name.
  2. Find the student you want to grade and click Evaluate.
    Assignment submission screen
  3. When the Evaluate Submission frame loads, score the submission by:
    • entering a score in the Overall Grade field.
    • clicking the Use this Grade link to transfer any score you entered in GradeMark (if you have Turnitin enabled and scored the submission in GradeMark) to the Overall Grade field.
      Evaluate submission screen for a student with Turnitin Grademark and overall grade areas highlighted
  4. Provide feedback for the student by entering it in the text field, adding a file, or recording audio/video.
    Note: If you decide to leave audio or video feedback we recommend using the Insert Stuff button in the text editor for a better student experience.
  5. Click Publish or Save Draft:
    • Publish if you want to make the grade and feedback available to the student.
    • Save Draft if you want to grade all students and release grades and feedback at once.
      Evaluate submission screen for a student with Overall Feedback area highlighted
  6. Click Next Student button (located at top and bottom of the Evaluate Submission screen) to grade the next student’s submission, or click Back to Submissions to return to the Submissions Folder to select another student to grade.
    Evaluate submission screen for a student with Next student and back to submissions buttons highlighted