To access free online tutoring support from NetTutor, first sign into BOLT. From the Student Home Page, Select “NetTutor”.


 BOLT homepage with NetTutor link highlighted on the main navigation bar



This will take you to the NetTutor main page and the first time you access you need to agree to the End User License Agreement.


NetTutor end user license agreement page


Choose the content area for which you need help.


Picture of the NetTutor Group Selection page


The NetTutor dashboard provides 3 support resources, as well as a locker. NOTE: Because WALES is fully operational, students should continue to use their services for assistance with writing. 


Picture of the NetTutor: Student Dashboard


Meet with a Live Tutor:

Directs you to an information page where a tutor will be available soon.


Picture of the NetTutor: Meet with a Live Tutor waiting page


Drop off a Question:

Directs you through two prompts to drop off your question


First, name your question.  


Picture of the NetTutor: Drop off a Question Step 1: Give your question a title prompt


Second, use the white board to ask your question. Once you have finished your question, click the “Submit” button in the lower left-hand corner.

Picture of the NetTutor: Drop off a Question Step 2: Ask your question using our tools

The Locker:

Your locker stores all your NetTutor sessions.  You can review your live tutoring sessions, retrieve papers you have submitted for feedback, or gather responses to your submitted questions.


Picture of the NetTutor: Student Locker  Where you can find archives for Live sessions, your paper feedback, and dropped off question feedback.