We are seeing a lot of issues where students can't use their Huskies email to Sign in with SSO as in our directions to join meetings. 

What seems to be happening is students created generic Zoom accounts at zoom.us rather than through our account portal at https://bloomu.zoom.us. If they did this, their Zoom.us account is not included under our University account and thus they can't use our single sign on authentication.

If this is your issue, you can fix this by going to our portal, signing in with SSO, and then moving your account under ours via the email communication Zoom sends you.

Go to https://bloomu.zoom.us.

Click Sign In.

Enter your BU credentials to sign in to the portal.

You should then receive an email asking if you want to move your account over to ours. Follow the directions in the email to do this. Note that this is time-sensitive and must be completed within 24 hours:

change to Zoom account email you will receive from Zoom asking you to click the button below to confirm the change within 24 hours

Once you do this, you should be able to access class meetings and other BU Zoom meetings with the Sign in with SSO option.