We now have a Zoom Pro dashboard available in every BOLT course for use in your classes. Instructors may choose to use this dashboard to share your class meetings and recordings, but keep in mind they may use other methods. It is always best to check with the syllabus or other course information files in the BOLT course to make sure you are looking in the right places to find the meeting access information you need!

The Zoom Pro dashboard lets instructors and students access class meetings in the same place in BOLT if instructors are using it. You can join class meetings and view Cloud recordings right in the dashboard. 

This is available in any BOLT course by clicking Communication, then Zoom Pro.

View the video below to see an overview of how the dashboard works. 

Important Notes: 

Instructors have access to any meetings including their stats, reports, transcripts, and Cloud recordings if you add them to the dashboard in your course.

Only instructors see recordings in the Cloud Recordings tab until they choose to Publish them for the class. 

Faculty, staff, graduate students, and students conducting official BU business have Licensed accounts for Zoom and can create unlimited time meetings and record to the cloud, while undergraduate students have Basic accounts with 40 minute meeting time limits and no access to the cloud. (These restrictions apply only to the meetings Basic users schedule.) 

This dashboard does NOT give everyone using it a Licensed or Pro account.