Tip 1: Verify BOLT access 

It seems simple, but the first thing you may want to do is verify your Bloomsburg University credentials give you access to BOLT. Go to https://bolt.bloomu.edu, click BU Account Login, and use your credentials to login. If you encounter issues, please see How does an instructor access BOLT? or What is BOLT and how do I access it?

Tip 2: Verify access to BOLT courses

The second thing you may want to check is whether or not you have BOLT access to the courses you are teaching. If you do, they will be listed in either the Select a course list or in the My Courses widget. See How do I access my courses in BOLT? and How do I add courses to the My Courses widget? 

If you do not have access to your courses, it may be because you have not been listed as the instructor in MyHusky yet. Please check with your department to find out if they have sent the paperwork in to have this listing in MyHusky changed. If you need access to your courses right away, please ask the department to contact imdc@bloomu.edu with the course sections you need access to. Please note we may need permission from HR to add you early to BOLT/courses depending on clearance processes.

Tip 3: Request course combine for multiple sections of the same course

Are you teaching multiple sections of the same course and want to combine them into one offering in BOLT? If so, please see How do I combine multiple sections of the same course in BOLT? for information about Course Combine.

Tip 4: Add or request publisher integrations

If you are using publisher integrations you may need to request them. Please see How do I add publisher integrations to BOLT? for more information.

Tip 5: Add Content Builders or Assistants

If you have instructor access to your courses, you can add your GA's or TA's, or librarians to your course as assistants or content builders. See How can I add people to my course in BOLT? for more information.

Tip 6: Build your course in BOLT

Build your course by adding new content, quizzes, or assignments, or by copying or importing a course. If you copied your course, be sure to update course information and dates!

Tip 7: Reach out to students

Reach out to your students whether or not you are using BOLT. Let them know when they can expect to access your BOLT course if you're using it, or if you will not be using BOLT this semester. 

PRO TIP: If you are using BOLT,  you can reach out to students using the Email Classlist feature in BOLT! See How can I email my class from the Classlist? 

Tip 8: Make your course active when you are ready for students to access it

When you're ready to open the course to students, you will need to make the course active. See How do I make my course active? for the steps to do so.